alertot and wCry

alertot is a real-time service that notifies security vulnerabilities affecting the software used on your website. However, every company uses a lot of software to support their daily operations, including operating systems, back-end libraries and network services.

The day that ShadowBrokers leaked the files containing the exploits used by NSA, I followed the discussion over Twitter and knew it was going to be very critical. Weeks after, wCry turned up on the scene but it was too late for the companies to take remediation measures.


How can alertot be useful for this kind of scenario?

Introducing petitions

Basically, alertot receives an URL and detects the software present there. However, if you want to get notified about software not present in the URL, you can create a petition, that is a request for special software. We take a petition, create support for the new software and inform you when it’s ready. Then, you’ll get notifications every time a new vulnerability affecting the software has been published.

Related to wCry, a petition to track vulnerabilities in Windows would have been enough to let our clients know about the critical situation just after ShadowBrokers’ leak. Our early notification service analyzes the security events in social networks to be one step ahead and be able to notify as soon as possible, as in this case.

alertot isn’t available yet, but you can sign-up on to receive an invitation when we release it.